Please note: when attempting to refill your 'Butter Up' pot with your own wax mix, this is just a guide and it may* (in some cases) result in damage to the screw mechanism. 

*If your wax mix is too hard it may lock up the mechanism unless a barrier has been added to stop the wax coming into contact with the screw itself (noted in the instructions below).

Thermometer needed to ensure a good fill.

step 1

Gather your materials. This usually comprised of Paraffin wax / scented candles and a combination of oils. Vybar 2020 can be added to make the mix harder.

Melt your wax mixture. If you are making a hard mix, use an 8mm inside diameter tube to sit over the screw before pouring to protect the mechanism.

step 2

In an old pan, combine the ingredients over a low heat while stirring throughout to help mix the ingredients.

step 3

When the mixture has mixed completely, turn off heat and check the temperature before pouring.

(pour between 70 & 80 Degrees C to be safe)

Fill to the brim and wait... you'll have a fresh pot in 1-2 hours!